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    Xu Wenwu was very angry and reprimanded Hu Yongqiang: "Okay, maybe today you are not being followed, but later it is difficult to say. Whether Li Yixin is in the army or in the Central Command, he is most I intend to notify my accomplices to follow You. We absolutely must not be careless. We will not be able to see each other again in a short time. I will immediately report your matter to my superiors. If the superiors If the superiors make a decision, I will send you a signal. Remember, you will go to Shamao Street in five days. From here If on the wall in front of this bookstore there is a fork drawn with chalk, it means the superiors have orders you to evacuate Stone City immediately, and you must carry out the orders of your superiors. And if this bookstore has a circle drawn in chalk on the wall in front of the door, it means that the superiors assume that the risk of you being exposed is very small, and you can continue to hide in Jianzhong Trading Company, then you can continue as usual. If the superiors really have such an order, you must be especially pay attention Is someone watching you? You can contact me by the current method until you are sure that there is no danger. Do you hear clearly ?"

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