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    Kazuyoshi Kuroshima was so angry that he roared and raised his samurai sword to strike down a retreating Cao commander, he took off his uniform and prepared to lead the attack up the mountain. Matsuda quickly stopped him and shouted: "General, calm down! The enemy occupies favorable terrain, bravery, steadfast will, full ammunition. Even if our entire regiment is Even if we die under the ice wall, there is no way to get through that damned defense line. Yes! Now let's pause the attack and launch an attack after the Army's independent cavalry brigade 3rd Manchurian detachment to the rendezvous point, otherwise the entire regiment will be destroyed!”

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    The drill team captain's face twitched and he said miserably: "Maybe we're still lacking a little luck..."

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    Therefore, how to revive morale becomes an extremely difficult problem for Japanese military officers.

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    Ma Hongkui roared: "Don't trick me with this nonsense! My Ma family sacrificed their lives for him for twenty years. Because of him, even the entire Ningxia was given away! Mine Where is the oil he promised me? The land he promised me And the military achievements? Where is it all? Where is it all!!!"

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    The 9th Division miraculously crossed Baotou, smoothly reached the Tumed Right Banner and joined the Japanese army that had escaped from the Yellow River. As a result, the Tumed Left Banner area gathered a huge force consisting of 3 divisions, 3 brigades and 1 Japanese detachment with surprisingly high troop density. However, this is just a title that seems better, but in terms of strength, it is disappointing. The 9th Division suffered one-third of the casualties on the Pingluo defense line, and the elite 7th Regiment was deeply saddened by a group of rogue soldiers of the Chinese army who used indiscriminate methods to completely destroy them. Surname. to the morale of the 9th Division. 1/3 casualties is scary, but compared to the 8th Division and the 36th Division, the 9th Division is also considered happy. These two divisions were directly cut in half, their numbers were lost. half lost, prisoners captured by Route 8 Troop Number More than 16,000, 10,000 of which were donated by Lieutenant General Yokoyama Shizuo at a large discount As for the Araki Detachment, it is now possible to downgrade to the Araki United Detachment—strength of the detachment reached 8,800 before the war began. Those who could still hold guns were gathered to form a regiment. The 2nd Independent Mixed Brigade and the 4th Cavalry Brigade also suffered heavy casualties. After all calculations, it seems that only the 9th Independent Mixed Brigade still maintains similar combat effectiveness. strong opposition.

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    The Japanese army suffered heavy casualties, 11 tanks and 8 armored vehicles were torn apart, 16 artillery pieces were blown up, and nearly 1,000 Japanese soldiers were killed or injured in the air attack. This massacre dealt a heavy blow to the morale of the Japanese army, they discovered that they had no protection over their heads, it was a shame not to know how high their morale was under the circumstances. such scene.

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    The sound of the mountains and the tsunami completely drowned out this guy's heart-stopping howl. 24 Type 81 self-propelled missile launchers simultaneously fired, screaming from the launcher, pulling flames rushing towards them. Japanese and puppet troops at the foot of Mount Helan and in Pingluo city. Thick smoke and powdered snow rose up, completely engulfing the missile launch positions, the mournful whistling drowned out all sounds in the world, like countless souls crying out, demanding the lives of the Japanese puppet troops, thousands of them. orange flame. intertwining in the air, weaving into an endless web of fire, at the same time covering the entire Pingluo area! At this moment, the Japanese and puppet troops covered by fire only felt the sky being torn apart, countless fireballs poured down from the cracks, intending to burn the whole world into glass!

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    Churchill and Roosevelt did not expect that two days later, the US and Britain would unleash a terrible disaster comparable to the Battle of Kiev on the Soviet-German battlefield. Nearly 100,000 US and British soldiers were destined not to survive the day of total destruction. win.

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    The Li-2 armed transport plane spread out and rushed straight into the Japanese military assembly area. The 250 kg bomb slid off the hanger and gradually accelerated under the influence of gravity, getting faster and faster. . up... Thousands of tongues of fire shot up onto the ground, licking towards Li-2. The Japanese 13mm anti-aircraft machine guns fired wildly, trying to use machine gun bullets to form an anti-aircraft fire net for the infantry to block the roar of death. This is definitely useless, the Li-2 is notoriously tough, as long as the engine is not crashed or the wing is torn, most of them are fine, moreover, the ballistic performance of the 13mm anti-aircraft machine gun not ideal. , and it shot like water, the trajectory was dense but not many bullets could actually hit Li-2. The Li-2s were urgently pulled up, their bodies were riddled with bullet holes, more than a dozen bombs roared and rushed over the heads of the Japanese troops...

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    Now the Allies can only rely on their endless soldiers and weapons to endure the Germans, a few planes for a German plane, and a few tanks for a German tank, I tried Do your best to fight attrition with the German Army. This situation is clearly not what the United States and Britain want to see, they do not forget that the Soviet army has its eyes on the Eastern Front, the Russians are only a hundred kilometers from Berlin, if they are tired of fighting with the German Army on the Western Front, the Soviet Army will suddenly attack Berlin, then they are sewing wedding dresses for the Russians, which is completely unacceptable. So they launched a frantic attack from France on the German army on the left bank of the Rhine, trying to force the German army to withdraw elite soldiers from the Belgian-Dutch battlefield to help the Rhineland, At the same time, they continuously urged the Soviet army to immediately launch an attack on the German army. It was too terrible, the Allies could not bear it, the Soviet Union had to come and share the casualties!

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    The red air force, loaded with bombs, roared like carrion-smelling vultures, hovering and dropping bombs above the Japanese soldiers. The 50kg napalm bomb became a nightmare for the Japanese army, this thing is really useful, if you throw one down, there will be a sea of fire one or two hundred square meters wide, wherever it touches will be burned, if there is nothing to burn, the soil will be thrown away. Burned into powder, because it is not big, even a Li-2 armed transport plane can hang twenty or thirty pieces at a time. When it sees a place with a pile of soldiers, it will rush down, and press button to throw multiple pieces. The ground immediately burst into flames, and a large number of Japanese soldiers turned into burning people struggling and screaming. That scene was really exciting! Since the Japanese military had completely lost the ability to compete with the Red Air Force for air superiority, the Red Air Force strengthened, not only all the old pilots who participated in the battle, but even new recruits have only studied 20 or 30 hours. Flight experience also flew Li-2 or C-47, hung napalm bombs over the heads of the Japanese army and bombed indiscriminately. After each bombing, there was always a large area of charred rubble on the ground. Even the cold wind on the plateau could not blow away the stench of burnt human flesh. Under the attack of these fiercely armed transport planes, the Japanese army suffered heavy losses, and the way to retreat was extremely difficult.

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    Bage, against the Chongqing army, it is like that, and against the Eighth Army and the New Fourth Army, they failed consecutively, what happened to these armies? Perhaps they were too comfortable in the pass!

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    Xue Jianqiang asked: "Is this period of time okay? Will it cause any trouble?"

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    When the morning star rose, the gunfire on the battlefield gradually faded away, and the 3rd Tank Division was no more. The division commander stood outside the division headquarters, looking at the chariots flying everywhere, looking at the blood stains on the ground, feeling a bit lost.

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    The commanders of the squadrons and brigades announced the news, and the entire front rang with the almost frantic roar of the Japanese army: "Long live! Long live!"

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    The voice of the guy who should have been the leader of this group was bitter: "We were ambushed by the Chinese air force, the losses were extremely heavy, especially the bombers were almost lost. We rushed out! Fighters are in the background and will arrive soon, please get the ground staff ready!”

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    Kameda looked around, just in time to see an officer walking toward the Hokkaido recruit, who was scared and out of his mind, and shot the poor soldier in the head. Taking advantage of when no one was paying attention, he took out a round white lump from his pocket and stuffed it into Hanano Machi's hand. Hanano Machi was stunned: "This is..."

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    Fireballs continuously erupted, and countless pieces of burning aluminum turned into flames that flowed through the clouds and sprinkled on the earth, creating a beauty of "watching meteor showers fall on earth" in broad daylight. It's just that such beauty was not what Japanese pilots wanted to see, every fireball that erupted meant that a fighter plane had been torn to pieces by enemy machine guns. , tighten one point! Sugiyama Xiong knew he couldn't wait any longer, and if he didn't try to turn the situation around, they would just be wiped out!

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    Without any suspense, with a bang, the armor-piercing bullet was eliminated by the extremely thick load, leaving only a white spot on the front of the armor, that's all.

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    The Soviet Red Army in the Far East has entered a level 1 state of combat readiness. Now that Europe is bloody and killing, nothing can happen to Asia!

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    For the past seven years, the Japanese army has not set foot in Ningxia. The closest battlefield to Ningxia is Baotou, more than 500 km away. The resistance seems very far away to those living in this land, except that the tax is much heavier, they don't feel anything anymore. But now, Japanese warplanes occasionally hover in the sky, and countless refugees flee with their families and drive away herds of cattle and sheep, bringing terrible news of the Japanese army's defeat. Ban besieged cities, stole land, murdered and set fires, and the army seemingly disappeared overnight. …Combined with the looting of the defeated soldiers, panic was sure to spread. The further north you go, the worse the panic gets. Tens of thousands of refugees flooded the streets, and soldiers were driven out and police set up extortion everywhere. War of wealth, the whole situation had become unbelievably corrupt. Xue Min's small convoy naturally attracted the attention of soldiers and police, but the muzzles of black 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine guns and LG3 grenade machine guns mounted on the vehicles discouraged them. His eyes told them that this little soldier was not easy to provoke, so they could only obediently give way.

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    Caught off guard, the Japanese army suffered heavy losses.

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    The generals all turned away, pretending not to hear.

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    The 8th Division was both shocked and angry. The division commander roared: "Do you want to set fire to my backyard!?" Immediately ordered the rear team to change to the front line, killing the 161st and 162nd divisions. Regardless, let's clamp down on these two daring infantry divisions!