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    The crushed body hung on the parachute, staggering drifting towards this direction. Sophie looked at Tiet Man with a pale face, only to see this bold woman holding her head and bowing her head, still muttering: "I don't exist, you can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see me..." Obviously, although this woman is fierce, it is normal to beat people to pieces, but in the final analysis, after all She also grew up in a peaceful environment. The first time she saw this bloody killing scene, her legs immediately became weak. Sophie was also very scared, but after all, she grew up during the war years, witnessed many killing scenes, and had much stronger psychological endurance than Xue Min. She hugged her tightly and said gently: “ Don't be afraid "Don't be afraid, the trees are so dense here, they can't see. "It's ours, don't be afraid, don't be afraid..."

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    Deafening cheers immediately broke out in Yancheng, thousands of Japanese soldiers jumped out of the bunker and shouted wildly, the original color could hardly be seen and it could be so embarrassing! But this did not affect their joy at all, the damn Chinese 10th Division, those demons finally withdrew, they no longer had to be bombarded every day, and they had to stay up all night to avoid being touched and beheaded by the scouts. They can finally sleep peacefully, on the train! A new second lieutenant recruited to Diem Thanh last week obviously did not know the strength of the 10th Division. He shouted like a rooster. Captain Sung Lien shouted: "Sir, the Chinese army has retreated, we should pursue. decisively and deal them a devastating blow!”

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