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    Now, Anh Ba died, the remaining guards did not surrender, either committed suicide, or fought desperately with Hang Vu, and all died in the blink of an eye.

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    To be fair, Shentujia and Han Xin's situations are quite similar, both of them did not wait for the opportunity to prove themselves, and were not satisfied with their current situation, Han Xin was almost killed by Liu Ji , Shentujia also held a knife to his neck.

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    At that time, a horse galloped from far away and approached. The person sitting on the horse was shot in the shoulder by an arrow. As he ran, he shouted: Get on the boat first and escape!"

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    She just couldn't make a decision about what kind of normative power she wanted to feel.

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    Man's wife was seriously injured in the disaster, so she hid in the demon seal. If she wanted to find him again, she was afraid that she was already in the upper world and had to go to Cuu Chau first. Su'er is in a bad mood. excellent.

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    Minzhen's ascension has finally appeared.

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    Liu Ji was overjoyed when he heard these words, swallowed a mouthful of the dragon ball magic medicine, and then continued to lie on the ground pretending not to know the power.

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    But neither Mei Suer nor Minzhen noticed a thing.

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    So he wrote Fei Ling's identification information on the bamboo slip.

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    After speaking, Phi Linh suddenly turned her head to look at Mai To Nhi, her eyes were red: "Sister, do you have any way to escape from here?"

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    All the Tiande City cultivators stationed here were surprised.

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    The east belongs to the south central area, there is the largest Thien Duc citadel supporting the city, called Kiem Nguyen citadel, which is naturally very strong. Luong Ninh said.

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    The corner of Hang Vu's mouth twitched violently, he took out a piece of the medicinal pill, bent down and stuffed it into the war horse's mouth.

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    Of course, there were also a number of talents who understood different fields and production technologies, including cookery, textiles, carpentry, masons, cobblers, blacksmiths, doctors, butchers, hunters and fish farmers. and safe environment.

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    Two people shoot at the same time.

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    If he wanted to do well with the city lord's arrangements, he definitely couldn't handle it alone, so he also secretly planned to establish his own power. Even though there were only two people now, it wasn't a problem. because he has an expansion plan, and continues A plan to recruit monks with clean identities.

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    Then let's start with Green Immortal Sect.

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    Then, he looked at Fei Ling again: "Name."

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    "Why not? Dong Lang City doesn't have 100,000 soldiers and horses. Knowing Doc King is here, there are even fewer soldiers and horses. On the contrary, your single army is about to be destroyed, no matter what." There are many Han troops in Jiangbei, can they help you? I'm afraid they think the lonely king is in the nest, hahaha..." Hang Vu laughed.