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    The meal lasted until dusk.

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    Factory director Zhang stuck a fork into the fruit in the fruit plate in front of him, his tone filled with emotion: "Thanks to the lesson learned from last time, we cannot compete with you for Jeunesse Group's orders, Our factory has been reorganized in many places, the situation here is much better than before.”

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    It turns out that as soon as Han Tieu heard what the slave said, he secretly thought to himself, the bride is beautiful like a fairy and knows martial arts, could it be Linh Nhi? But who is that young master? Thinking of this, Han Tieu couldn't help but feel impatient, put down his bowl and chopsticks, and immediately ran out of the restaurant. With Han Xiao's gentle skills, how could the shop owner and the boy realize it?

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    The next moment, he climbed back onto the stool and hung the piece of meat in his right hand backwards.

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    Jiang Xiaoxin saw Wang Xiuying take out his notebook and start taking notes, "I called you here to ask you a question. What do you think about developing a baggage line in Baimei?"

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    In fact, the stone monk had mastered profound martial arts skills. After nearly a hundred years of hard training, he was able to understand the origins of martial arts moves in the world and understand the supernatural principles. figure of Wuxiang magic skills. Although Han Tieu's cultivation level is not deep, how can Nhac Nguyen Long understand the magical effect of the move he uses at this time?

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